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Driftwood art

PIC BY JEFFRO UITTO / CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED A wooden horse sculpture) You WOODnt believe it but these giant sculptures are in fact created entirely from driftwood. Using salvaged tree branches, sticks and roots found on the Washington coastline, artist Jeffro Uitto can fashion anything from huge wooden animals to intricate home furniture. Each FIR-TASTIC sculpture can take years to create and finding the right piece for each project can take months at a time. His incredible artwork has become so popular that he is now inundated with requests to travel and make bespoke pieces on site, leaving buyers PINING for more. SEE CATERS COPY

Amazing driftwood sculpture

Artist Jeff Uitto creates intricate sculptures from driftwood he finds along the coast of Washington. Uitto has sculpted wild horses, soaring eagles, and even a giraffe out of salvaged tree branches. But his work is more than giant animal sculptures. Uitto also has a clear talent for creating beautiful home furniture from driftwood. Finding the right piece of driftwood can take months, and the sculpting can take years.  Uitto’s talent is no secret – fans are requesting that he travel and create sculptures on site.