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Beauty and the beast

Broadus and Beauty - Daow looking at the storm. (Nicolaus Wegner/Caters News)

Beauty and the beast

A man has photographed a stunning set of images of beauty and the beast - as his wife poses in front of epic storms. Nicolaus Wegner, 34, snaps other half Daow, 32, dangerously close to tornadoes and lightning storms.

But the results are spectacular - as she stands fearlessly looking towards Mother Natures most extreme creations. The couple use forecast tools to predict where storms will show before chasing them down and waiting for them to materialise. Most of their shots are taken across Wyoming, but sometimes they travel to neighboring states like Montana and Nebraska.

The pair, who live in Casper, Wyoming, admit there is an element of danger in their work. (Caters News)

Photography by Nicolaus Wegner

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