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'Big Appetites - Tiny People in a World of Big Food'

Octopus Survey Team: It was a discovery that compelled them to shuffle their deck of phobias. (Photography by Christopher Boffoli)

'Big Appetites - Tiny People in a World of Big Food'

Christopher Boffoli, a Seattle-based fine art photographer brings us his “Big Appetites” photo series which features tiny, hand-painted figures photographed against real food environments.  The work was inspired by a cultural obsession with miniatures, frequently seen in cinema, television and advertising.  Designed with top notes of humor and surprise, the work is also intended to impart criticism of America’s often dysfunctional relationship with food: of over consumption, massive food portions and food spectatorship.

 The work has been published in more than 90 countries and fine art prints from the series can be found in galleries and private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

His new book of this work was just released last week and can be found at Amazon.
Boffoli's work can also be viewed at these upcoming fine art exhibitions:

Flaere Gallery, London.  One night exhibition and book signing event, October 2.
Toronto International Art Fair (Art Toronto). Group exhibition, October 25-28.
Winston Wächter Fine Art, Seattle.  Solo exhibition, opening October 29th through December 25th.