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Britains Underground Wonders

Sewer Tunnel, The River Westbourne, London. (Mike Deere/Caters News)

Britain's underground wonders

A photographer has captured these eerie images showing the scale of some of Britain's deepest darkest wonders. Mike Deere, from Reading, Berks, heads to daunting locations such as abandoned mine shafts, London's miles upon miles of sewers and even disused cooling towers.

He revealed that even experienced map readers would struggle to navigate their way around the seemingly endless tunnels that he and his friends visit. Due to each tunnels similarity and the fact its pitch black its also extremely difficult to capture his amazing shots. Some of Mikes best work has come from the now-abandoned Box Freestone Mine, Wilts, which ceased operation in 1968. (Caters News)

Photography by Mike Deere.

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