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This undated handout photo provided by pedro suara/aaas shows the 'Panel of Hands', El Castillo Cave showing red disks and hand stencils made by blowing or spitting paint onto the wall. A date from a disk shows the painting to be older than 40,800 years making it the oldest known cave art in Europe. The bison overlay the hands and are therefore painted later. New tests show that crude Spanish cave paintings of a red sphere and handprints are the oldest in the world, so ancient they may not have been by modern man. They might have even been made by the much-maligned Neanderthals, some scientists suggest but others disagree. (AP Photo/Pedro Saura, AAAS)

El Castillo cave paintings

Scientists say that some of the prehistoric cave paintings are more than 40,000 years old - four or five thousand years older than anyone had believed before. (ABC)