Photographer captures the ghosts and beauty of abandoned locations

Andre Govia photography
This photo is entitled "The Lion School." Govia says the abandoned school in the woods had a creepy feel to it. Govia does not reveal specific locations of his subjects. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Sunlight streams through windows in an abandoned classroom. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Entitled: "My master has left" (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
An abandoned power plant's hallways (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography

Entitled: "And a Dummy will lead them...."

(Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
A photo entitled "A glass of red wine please" shows a debris-strewn room in an old manor house. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
A baby carriage, framed photos and even a toy duck were found in this manor house. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Glass tubing sits in a sanatorium explored by Govia and his crew. He writes on Flickr: "The road up to this sanatorium was like spaghetti with no road markings. Unused as a hospital since 1965, this very large complex of buildings still has many items left inside. The altitude made the air very thin along with wind blowing in the broken windows, [giving] this place a real creepy atmosphere. This sanatorium also had its own cable-car system running down the side of the mountain. We had to leave before dark due to the risk of bear attacks in this area." (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
This hotel ballroom was "abandoned for a few years and had some great rooms, a cool but short explore due to the police arriving to stop play," Govia says on Flickr. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Entitled: "Treasure in the attic" (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Govia found this abandoned hotel, and its bar, deep inside a pine forest. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
Govia shows a stairway in this photo entitled "The mansion on the cliffs." He writes on Flickr: "The large cliff-top abandoned mansion was set in breathtaking grounds with views you could look at all day." (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
This abandoned monastery will be transformed into apartments soon, Govia says. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
A room in an abandoned orphanage. On the wall on the left, an inscription reads: "Tutto posso in Colui che mi dà forza," which is translated as, "I can do all things in Him who gives me strength." (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
A swimming pool — "haunted," Govia adds. (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
About a photo entitled "The House of Horror," Govia writes on Flickr: "An old abandoned private medical clinic in a house, a mix of horror and Clockwork Orange charm." (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia photography
A mortuary courtyard (Andre Govia)
Andre Govia
Andre Govia (Andre Govia)

Andre Govia is a London-based photographer who documents haunting scenes from abandoned locations — hospitals, schools, houses, hotels, asylums and more — and often captures them exactly the way their occupants left them: cluttered, dusty, silent and honestly creepy. For those curious: Govia does not reveal specific locations of his subjects.

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