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Rescued Antarctic passengers arrive in Australia

Passengers disembark from the Aurora Australis in Hobart, Australia Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, following their rescue from a ship trapped in ice in the Antarctic. The ship rescued 52 passengers with the help of a helicopter from a Chinese ship on Jan. 2, 2014 after the Russian icebreaker Akademik Shokalskiy became trapped in ice-clogged Commonwealth Bay on Christmas Eve 2013.(AP Photo/AAP, Rob Blakers) AUSTRALIA OUT, NEW ZEALAND OUT, PAPUA NEW GUINEA OUT, SOUTH PACIFIC OUT, NO SALES, NO ARCHIVES

Ship trapped in Antarctica ice

An expedition of 52 scientists and tourists arrived in Australia on Wednesday, setting foot on dry land for the first time since they were rescued from a ship trapped in Antarctic sea ice three weeks ago.

Arguments continue on who will foot the bill for the extraordinary rescue operation that involved the United States, China, France and Australia.

Expedition leader Chris Turney told reporters who greeted them in the port city of Hobart where they ended the final leg of their rescue journey aboard an Australian icebreaker that it was still not clear who would pay for their rescue. (AP)

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