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Sochi's indigenous people

Circassian villager Ais Tlyf poses for a photograph in his kitchen in Tkhagapsh in the Lazerevskoye district of Sochi October 20, 2013. "The clan of my ancestors settled on this plain in the mountains in 1872 along with other Circassian families. It was long after the end of the Russian Caucasian war when hostilities had ceased and the Russians dismantled their military fort that used to be here," Tlyf said. Tkhagapsh is one of the few remaining settlements in the Sochi region, that mainly consists of ethnic Circassians. (REUTERS/Thomas Peter)

Sochi's indigenous people

Circassians are a people indigenous to the North Caucasus region, most of whom were scattered across the globe by a 19th century tsarist military campaign that caused the deaths of huge numbers.

Many Circassians have called for the killings to be recognized as genocide, and have campaigned against the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, set to take place in the very same broad valleys and mountain slopes they say hold the bones of their ancestors.

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