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Sunny side egg art

Anne's eggs art, a turkey made out of apple slices with a yolk face. (Anne Widya/Caters News)

Sunny side egg art

A creative mother has come up with a novel way of making sure her children eat their breakfasts - by using eggs to make works of art. Sculpted into a variety of extraordinary designs, culinary genius, Anne Widya, uses sunny side up eggs to make sure her children's plates are always cleared.

Made using a cookie cutter and sushi wrap, the mother-of-four gets her creative juices flowing by serving eggs in an assortment of shapes from smiling pigs to ice cream sundaes. Anne’s incredible talent first began as way to cheer up her son, Andrew, who was off sick from school but soon turned into a fully fledged hobby. (Caters News)

(Photography by Anne Widya)

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