Pick up a refurbished iPhone 5 at Apple’s hidden eBay factory outlet

Pick up a refurbished iPhone 5 at Apple’s hidden eBay factory outlet
Jacob Siegal

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy an unlocked iPhone 5, here’s your chance. AppleInsider discovered the iPhone-centric Factory Outlet eBay Store over the weekend, a hidden subsection of the popular bidding site dedicated to refurbished certified iPhone 5 models, complete with a 1-year warranty from Apple, burn-in testing, a new package with manual and charger and a quality inspection from Apple.

Nothing on the store front directly links Apple to the refurbished iPhones, but the large “Apple Certified” graphic at the top of the page certainly provides enough evidence to assume that Apple is involved. A list of available models and their prices follows below:

With the iPhone 6 on the way, Apple is likely looking to move its inventory as quickly as possible, and who doesn’t love secret stores with lower prices? There’s no telling how long the store will stay online though, or whether Apple will add more products in the future, so act fast if you’ve been waiting anxiously for a relatively affordable unlocked iPhone 5.

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