'I picked up my son and I started running' -witness recounts Highland Park shooting

STORY: Six people were killed and at least two dozen were injured, according to police.

The witness, who only gave his first name as Alexander, says he turned back to search for the rest of his family.

"I put my son in a dumpster and he sat there with his dog and I went back to look for the rest of my family. I left them with someone there so that I can go back to get my phone and find the rest of my family because they ran away also. And it was just horrible," he said.

"I went back, there was a few people shot on the ground and there was a little boy that was in somebody, one of the police officer's arms. And that was the worst experience ever because, you know, all I thought about was my son and I can only imagine what that family's going through."

Police were searching for a white male, believed to be about 18 to 20 years old, and asked the public for tips to help find him.