Pickles are having a moment, and pickle lovers will relish these recipes

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Pickles have graduated from a side dish staple to a major player in the culinary world. It’s no wonder pickles are having a moment in grocery stores and on TikTok. Their versatility extends beyond traditional recipes, as evidenced by the recent surge of pickle-flavored snacks. From potato chips to popcorn, here are five pickle-flavored recipes that are beyond “dill-icious.”

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1. Dill pickle popcorn

You won’t be able to get enough of this tasty dill pickle popcorn. Start by combining dill seasoning with garlic powder, pickling spice and a pinch of citric acid. Next, pop your favorite popcorn and drizzle on melted butter before adding the spices. Finally, give the popcorn a good mix to ensure everything is evenly combined, and enjoy!

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2. Homemade pickle-flavored potato chips

Pickles and potato chips are a salty match made for snacking. Start by crushing dehydrated pickles into a powder. Then add salt, pepper and garlic powder. Next, cut a potato into thin slices and soak them in cold water. After drying the potato slices and seasoning them with salt and pepper, fry them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit until golden brown. Finally, cover the chips in the pickle seasoning, and enjoy!

3. Dirty pickle martini

This recipe for a classic dirty martini features an infusion of pickles. Start by adding gin to a shaker, followed by a splash of vermouth. Next, pour some pickle juice into the shaker, and add ice. Finally, shake thoroughly. Then pour the cocktail into a martini glass with half of a dill pickle, and bottoms up.

4. Pickled green walnuts

Pickle lovers will go nuts for this recipe. First, puncture holes into unripe green walnuts using a fork. For the brine, boil water and coarse sea salt until the salt is dissolved. Then pack the walnuts tightly into a jar before pouring in the brine and completely covering the walnuts. Cap the jar and store it in a cool, dark place for a week. Then drain the brine and lay the walnuts outside in the sun until they’ve evenly darkened. Finally, pack the darkened walnuts into a jar and add a mix of malt vinegar and castor sugar. Then store it in a cool, dark place for a month.

5. Pickle lemonade

Loaded is the first word that comes to mind for this pickle lemonade. First, dip the rim of a glass in dill-flavored chamoy sauce and Tajìn seasoning. Next, toss a few pickle slices into the glass along with ice. Then add lemonade before topping the beverage off with pickle juice. Finally, garnish with a sprinkling of dill seasoning and a pickle slice on the rim before serving.

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