Picture this: another fall sports season is upon us

·1 min read

Sep. 3—At my Ada Sunrise Rotary meeting Friday morning, the guest speaker, Sean Freeland, introduced himself, then added, "Richard probably has a ton of photos of me playing football when I was in school."

I hear this so often, and it is always welcome. And it's not something that every journalist has, which, at least for me, is very valuable.

I think back to years ago and think about one thing we don't seem to see much any more: really cold football games. I don't know if that's coincidence, or the effect of global warming, but I remember nights at Norris Field decades ago when it was necessary to bring in kerosene heaters to keep us all from freezing.

I wonder what the future holds. I know I am looking forward to a great football season, but then I look forward to a great basketball season, and so on. I love making pictures in this community, and hope I can keep it up for years to come.

I am very reluctant to admit that someday someone will say, "What ever happened to Richard Barron?" I hope that's more about being a good citizen and community member, and less about my ego.