Pictured: Boy, 5, Killed After Freak Accident at Rotating Restaurant

The family of a young boy killed in a grisly accident at a rotating restaurant in Georgia has released his photo.

Charlie Holt, 5, was at the Sun Dial restaurant with his family Saturday when he wandered a few feet away to have a look at the view on the 72nd floor of the building in downtown Atlanta.

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He somehow became lodged in a five-inch space between a table, which was rotating, and a wall.

"His whole body was caught in between maybe four or five inches of space and his head took the brunt of the injury," police told WXIA. "It crushed his little, small body."

Sgt. Warren Pickard of the Atlanta Police Department said staff and patrons at the restaurant immediately tried to give first aid to the boy.

"They were moving furniture, they were pulling chairs — chairs that were bolted to the floor — they were pulling them up to try to get the child out," Pickard said.

He suffered a head injury and later died at the hospital, according to authorities.

"Just very tragic,” Pickard said. “I simply think he lost sight of his parents and panicked, and found himself in that situation. A small child doesn’t know what to do in those moments.”

A spokesperson for the North Carolina family released a statement Saturday asking for “prayers and privacy.”

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“No words can express their loss,” the statement read, according to WBTV. “If you have a loved one, please give them an extra hug today.” 

The Sun Dial is currently closed until further notice. An investigation is being conducted by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration.

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