Pieces of Her: Netflix users agree on same point regarding ‘annoying’ and ‘stupid’ character

Netflix viewers are watching Pieces of Her in their millions, and all seem to be agreed on one point.

The new eight-part series follows Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) as she tries to piece together the dark past of her mother (Toni Collette).

Based on Karin Slaughter’s 2018 novel of the same name, the series, created by Charlotte Stoudt, was released on Friday (4 March).

While viewers have been gripped by the show’s many twists and turns, they seem to be collectively feeling extremely frustrated by the “stupid” choices made by Heathcote’s character.

Judging by Twitter, those who are watching the show can’t seem to get past how “annoying” they find her.

“All I want to know is if Andy will ever stop being stupid and such a baby? I can’t stand her, but I am now too invested to stop watching,” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “I started Pieces of Her last night and the s*** was pissing me off… Andy acts like a dam CHILD.”

One other viewer branded her “the most annoying character I’ve seen in years”.

Find a series of reactions below.

Predicting a backlash to Andy’s character, one Twitter user, who saw a preview of the show before its release, wrote: “The way y’all gone flame Andy’s dumb a** will be one for the books.”

Pieces of Her is available to stream on Netflix now. Read The Independent’s review here.