Pieces of Her: Netflix users break down ‘crazy’ moment in Toni Collette thriller

Pieces of Her has arrived on Netflix – and viewers are all talking about the same “crazy” scene.

The thriller series stars Toni Collette and Bella Heathcote in an eight-episode adaptation of the 2018 bestselling novel by Karin Slaughter.

Since its release on Friday (4 March), the show has made it to No 1 on the streamer’s Top 10 ranking.

Pieces of Her stars Collette as Laura Oliver, a suburban mother who has a dark past that she has long hidden from her daughter Andy (Heathcote).

After an unexpected violent incident at a restaurant forces Laura out of hiding, she and Andy are suddenly on the run from an enemy Laura thought she had left behind as the details of her past come to light.

Many fans of the series are fixated on one scene in particular: the incredibly violent opening 10 minutes of the first episode.


After the show introduces viewers to Andy, we see her and her mother (Collette) go to a restaurant to celebrate Andy’s 30th birthday.

Before long, however, a gunman stands up and begins shooting. The scene grows increasingly violent after Collette’s character shockingly slits his throat with a knife.

“That opening… was the most stressful 10 minutes of my life,” wrote one viewer. Another added: “Y’all the first 10 minutes of Pieces of Her… WILD.”

A third person wrote: “Anyone looking to watch Pieces of Her on Netflix, the first 10 minutes of the series are extremely difficult and feature serious grotesque images.

“I’m usually indifferent about content warnings, but this definitely needed something.”

Someone else wrote: “This Pieces of Her show is MAD, 10 minutes in and this craziness has already happened.” Others called the opening “insane” and “hectic”.

“I’m literally sitting here speechless with my mouth wide open watching the first 10 minutes of Pieces of Her,” added another person, with a second writing that their “mouth is on the floor”.

“The first ten minutes of Pieces of Her is the best opening to a TV show I’ve seen in a long time,” said someone else.

Many viewers are also saying the same thing about Andy, calling her “the most annoying” character ever.

Pieces of Her is available to watch in full on Netflix now.