'Pieces of a Woman' stars' on-screen fight

Vanessa Kirby unleashed a "pressure valve" for her intense fight scene with Oscar-winner Ellen Burstyn in Netflix's powerful childbirth drama, "Pieces of a Woman." (Jan. 15)

Video Transcript


- Oh, this is awful.

- I-- I-- uh, I just want to have a quick listen to her heartbeat, OK?

VANESSA KIRBY: I realized that I knew a few people who had, but I don't think I fully understood the depth of their experience with that and what they had to go through.

- Can you hold my hand?

- Yeah.

VANESSA KIRBY: But on the day I still I had no idea what the scene was or how it was going to go. But I think it was a bit like a pressure valve, you know, being suddenly turned where I could just release all the things that, throughout filming and as Martha, she hadn't been able to express.

- (SHOUTING) I am facing it! I am facing this!

ELLEN BURSTYN: One of the most amazing things that can happen when you're acting happened in that scene, where it starts out and you're doing it. And then, at some point, you're not doing it anymore. It's doing you. And that happened during that scene.

I heard back that Vanessa said to somebody the next day, somebody told me that she said, she turned on her jets.

- You're ashamed. You're so ashamed of me. You're ashamed because I failed. Oh, what a disgrace! Oh! What a disgrace! I failed.