Piedmont domestic dispute leads to attempted murder charge

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May 30—A domestic dispute early Monday has led to attempted murder charges.

Rhonda D. Young, 56, drove a commercial truck into a mobile home at the 600 block of Piedmont Cutoff road after a domestic dispute with her boyfriend, who was inside the home along with two other occupants.

According to police, the boyfriend sustained injuries and was taken to the local hospital. The other two occupants did not sustain injuries.

Young was arrested and charged with attempted murder and two counts of attempted assault in the first degree for the other occupants.

"The other two occupants were uninjured, but were in great danger of harm during this event," Piedmont police chief Nathan Johnson stated in the release.

Young can be seen with bruises on her face in her mugshot. Asked if Young received those bruises from the victim, Chief Johnson said, "no."

Young attempted to attack one of the other occupants of the house by putting her hand around her throat and her reaction was to hit Young back, according to Johnson.

Johnson said statements from the defendant had "too many versions," for police to ascertain the truth. She would give a statement, and then contradict that statement with another.

"I don't know which version to go with," Johnson said.

According to the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office online jail roster, Young is being held on two counts of assault and one count of attempted murder as of 9 a.m. Monday with bond yet to be set.