Piedmont Medical Center dresses up NICU babies for Halloween

Spooky season is in full swing at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Piedmont Medical Center in Rock Hill.

Nurses set up a decorative Halloween-themed backdrop coupled with props to show off newborns in their first Halloween costumes.

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Registered nurse and NICU manager, Aneisha Heath, helped choose the props and set up the photoshoot. She said they plan to do a similar event for upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

“The birth of a baby is already a memorable time for families, but we wanted to add to the experience by giving parents a chance to get some photos that will serve as a keepsake and fun, sweet memory,” Heath said, “we plan to do something similar for other holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

(WATCH BELOW: Hebmy Children’s Hospital celebrates Halloween by dressing up NICU patients)