Pillsbury’s New Funfetti Cake Donut Mixes Will Reignite Your Love of Baking

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Photo credit: Pillsbury
Photo credit: Pillsbury

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Donuts are one of those treats that feel like they’re more trouble than they’re worth to make yourself. After all, we have Dunkin’, right? But Pillsbury is making us rethink that with its new Funfetti Cake Donut Mixes. Break out your donut pan, because you’ll want these for dessert tonight!

The mixes come in Original Funfetti Cake, Unicorn Pink Vanilla, and Chocolate varieties. Although the base flavors are different, each one includes candy bits. All you have to combine the mix with milk, water, and eggs, then oven-bake, pan-fry, or air-fry them to a golden brown. Once they cool down, you can take the glaze mix, combine with milk, and cover the donuts with it. Bet you didn’t realize it was this easy to make donuts, did you?

Each 16.2-ounce box makes 12 donuts or 36 donut holes. To make those donut holes, just use a mini muffin pan. The Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Donut Mixes are rolling out at retailers nationwide on Feb. 1, 2022, but various Instagram accounts have already found the Funfetti Cake, Unicorn Pink Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors at grocery stores. There’s no harm in checking yours, right?

For around $3 per box, we wouldn’t blame you if you picked up all three flavors to see which one you like best. Whether it’s a regular night or you’re off to a party, something tells us these new donuts will be a serious winner!

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