Pine-Richland School Board Schedules Meeting To Review Football Coach Applicants

The Pine-Richland School Board has scheduled a special meeting to go through football coach applicants; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript

- It is a story that's been a big talker in our area for nearly two months. And now, it looks like the Pine-Richland school district could name a new football coach soon. The contract of Eric [? Kasparovich ?] was not renewed over allegations of hazing and bullying. Same goes for the rest of his coaching staff. But as Bryant Reed reports, the school district will hold a special board meeting this week to move forward with hiring a new Coach. Bryant.

BRYANT REED: Yeah, Kim, an email was sent out to the Pine-Richland faithful, and it said that, on Wednesday, as you just mentioned, the school board will hold a meeting to possibly recommend a candidate for the new varsity head football coaching position.

The school district has made it clear that Eric [? Kasparovich ?] will not be coming back, but said that assistant coaches could reapply. But the coaches I've been in contact with say coaching for Pine-Richland is not in their future plans. One coach says he wants to support Coach K, and he doesn't like how the school system handled the situation. And another tells me school leaders don't want him to be brought on because of his criticism of the school board and administration. Players have confided in me, also. They say football is football. It'll be tough with the changes, but say they're just ready to move on.

Now since the fallout, Coach K has sued the school district to what he says to reclaim his good name. And coming up at 6:00, another coach tells me he's being left out of the future of the football team's plans because he butted heads with school officials. Live in Pine-Ridgeland, I'm Bryant Reed. KDKA News.