Pink shoes help police tie Bremerton man to arsons at church, Manette apartment

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BREMERTON — A man in pink shoes set a fire in a church and stole from its collection box, and then started another blaze just days later in his own apartment as police officers waited to arrest him outside.

Paciano Francis Sumilhug Jr., 38, was arrested by Bremerton police and was charged by the Kitsap County Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday with first-degree arson.

Bremerton police were notified that a man identified as the 38-year-old had urinated on a neighbor's door at an apartment on East 14th Street on Tuesday afternoon. When officers arrived, he told them he would grab a T-shirt before talking with them. He appeared to be suffering from a mental health disorder, police said in reports.

As officers detained him in a patrol car, they noticed black smoke coming from his apartment. The fire ultimately destroyed his apartment and led to damages that displaced the residents of three other apartments, police said.

Officers noted a previous fire Sunday afternoon at Our Lady Star of the Sea Church, near downtown Bremerton. There, a suspect started a blaze in both a vestibule bathroom and a women's restroom, tore up a hymnal and stole $150 from a collection box.

After reviewing surveillance footage, an officer said in reports said he was "100 percent" certain it was the same man who set the apartment fire.

"He was even wearing the same pink shoes with no shoelaces," the officer wrote.

Officers attempted to talk to the man, but he wouldn't answer questions and rambled about various subjects. His clothes were collected and he was swabbed for evidence of fire accelerants.

Sumilhug remains in the Kitsap County Jail on $200,000 bail.

This article originally appeared on Kitsap Sun: Pink shoes help police tie Bremerton man to arsons at church, apartment

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