A Pint for Kim Blood Drive remembers Naperville woman

It's an effort to help save lives. This year marks the second annual A Pint for Kim Blood Drive.

Video Transcript

- It's a breaking a record to hoping to make Chicago proud as always. The second annual Pint for Kim blood Drive is set to happen next weekend, a week from today. And the event is named in honor of Kim Sanford, a Naperville resident who lost her battle with a rare cancer last year. And Kristyn Benedyk is one of Kim's sisters and joins us this morning. So nice to have you with us, Kristyn.

KRISTYN BENEDYK: Hi, thank you for having me.

- Yeah, this is just so important in honor of your sister, remembering her as well. And tell us why blood and donating blood is such a critical part of all of this and the life she had too.

KRISTYN BENEDYK: Yeah. So we didn't realize until my sister's journey that over a third of the blood used-- sorry, donated is used for cancer patients going through treatment. So once we realized that, we wanted to spread awareness. And we had our first annual drive which broke the state record for one day one location blood drive. And we hope to break it again this year.

- Yeah, that sounds fabulous. And you know, you're doing this in honor of your sister too. And what is really the message that you want to get out there to people? Because you want to break this record. You want them to be part of it to really go out there and donate blood.

KRISTYN BENEDYK: Yeah. So really, when you're donating that one pint of blood, we just want people to realize how important it is because you're really buying people time. You're buying them time to go home and make cookies with their children. They're going to a graduation. And helping them continue to fight their fight. And it's something that you can do for less than an hour. And it's really giving someone the gift of life. And so, we just wanted to spread that awareness.

- Yes, a great message to share there. And since this event is open to the public, can you share some of the information, some of the details that you want people to know about?

KRISTYN BENEDYK: Yeah, definitely. So one of the things that we want to do is not just have a blood drive but we really want it to be a celebration of life. We want Kim's young boys to remember and go out and see every Mother's Day like what the legacy their mom has left.

So we have a free car show. These are some of them behind me. There's a Ducati over there, the only one in Illinois. There's free plane rides. There's live music and it's all going to be completely safe. And thank you to J.A. Air Center at Aurora airport. It'll all be in an airplane hangar. And then, we have this huge outdoor area. So spacious-- sorry, socially distance and safe. A little nervous lately.

But it's going to be an amazing day, family friendly. We hope everyone can come out. And you can find it at www.pintforkim.com.

- All right. It looks like so much fun out there. And some of the current newsiest here were like, we think that's a Ducati there. So thank you so much. Yeah. Sounds like a lot of fun out there that we had. Thank you so much for your time too.

- Thank you. Thank you for having me.

- Absolutely.

- Have a good day.

- Yeah, you too. And great well next weekend. So a Pint for Kim Blood Drive is coming up next Saturday. It's May 8th at the J.A. air Center in Aurora at the Aurora airport there. The blood drive runs from 8:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.