Piping Plover Birds Get Enclosure For New Egg

After eggs were eaten by a skunk, volunteers put up a strong enclosure at Montrose Beach to help protect the new plover egg

Video Transcript

- Seems Chicago's most popular birds on Montrose Beach have been ruffling each other's feathers, if you will. The Piping Plover couple, Rose and Monte, have a new nest and have laid a new egg. It only took them six or so days since their other eggs were eaten by a skunk to reproduce. Bird watchers telling us that Rose selected a new spot high on the protected beach using bright white shelves. A new enclosure is now placed around them. This one's much bigger. It's stronger. There are gauge wires and welds. A camera is also up to watch the pair. And volunteers are out there from sunrise to sunset to help protect and cheer them on. What a support system.