Pitcairn Steps Up Enforcement Of Curfew For Juveniles

Pitcairn is stepping up enforcement of its 10 p.m. curfew for juveniles. KDKA's Paul Martino has more.

Video Transcript

- With more and more teens becoming victims of violence, the borough of Pitcairn says it will step up enforcement of its 10 PM curfews for juveniles. Paul Martino is in Pitcairn right now and found out that a lot of folks there are pleased with this announcement, right Paul?

PAUL MARTINO: They are indeed, Kim. Pitcairn Police have put the word out on Facebook and elsewhere. If you're a juvenile, you better be home by 10 PM unless you have a darn good reason.

Pitcairn P.A. Is just 15 miles east of Pittsburgh. It's home to 3,200 people and it's hard to find opposition to a 10 PM curfew for juveniles.

- I feel safer for them and for me.

PAUL MARTINO: In a Facebook post, Pitcairn Police are reminding the community that the curfew is in effect seven days a week. Pitcairn Police Chief Scott Farrelly was unavailable for an interview Tuesday, but some Pitcairn residents say the curfew crackdown is just fine with them.

FRED BROERMAN: I'm for it. 10 o'clock is pretty late. I think it should be about 9:00, 9:30.

- They need to be in the house studying, maybe, or doing something positive than being out here because there's nothing in the street.

PAUL MARTINO: Pitcairn used to blow a siren at 10:00 for the curfew but it's been broken. Now the borough says they're going to fix it and get kids off the street late at night.

- It just seems like lately, it's the kids are getting hurt more than anybody else. And that's a shame.

PAUL MARTINO: There are some exceptions to the curfew law. You can be out with an adult after 10:00, or if you're working you can be at a job after 10:00, and you can be driving a car if you have written permission from your parents. Reporting live from Pitcairn, Paul Martino, KDKA News.