This pittie was nearly put down for having doggy cold

Ranger story

Video Transcript

SARAH: Ranger had a doggy cold, so he was slated to be put down.


Are you ready? You ready to hear (LAUGHING) your story?

He was found in a vacant apartment after some folks moved out, and taken to Animal Control Center in New York City.


Good job! That's determination! [LAUGHS]

SARAH: They were concerned about him giving it to other animals, so he was slated for-- he was slated to be put down. Kelsey was a volunteer there, and Kelsey said, no, absolutely not, I'm taking him home.

Good job!

She decided she would foster him. She created an Instagram account. I follow heaps and heaps of rescue animals. I love them, and especially pitties. I was just like, that is a gorgeous dog. He looks like a cartoon character. He's so cute.

And I instantly had this feeling of like, oh, that's my dog, which didn't make sense. Because I am in Canada, and lo and behold, he got adopted. And I was like, not meant to be. He's found his family.

I got a message from Kelsey saying, Ranger got brought back. It wasn't a good fit. We realized we could fly him with Kelsey to Seattle, and I could drive from my place for 13-14ish hours to get Ranger in Seattle.

Hi, Ranger! How are you, my boy?

Ranger is my boy.

- What happened next?

- I don't know, man. I don't know.

SARAH: He's been a part of my family now for like a year and a half now. And he does a daily stick, which means he goes and finds a stick every single day. And the bigger, the better.

That was a good technique.

He has two cat siblings who he loves. He brings a lot of joy. He's a huge advocate for pitties, in that he's such a gentle giant. He just wants to love everyone.

- Oh, give me the stick.

SARAH: He especially loves kids.


There. He's been my little adventure buddy. We've been doing hikes, and he's been cross-country skiing with me.

Go, Ranger!

- What happened next?


- Really?

- I don't know, man. I don't know.

SARAH: Perfect. Ultimately, that's what he is. He's perfect.

Good job!