Pittsburgh Ballet Theater To Host Open Air Performance

The finishing touches are being put in place for the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater to hold outdoor shows this summer.

Video Transcript

- Well, if you were in Schenley Park today, you may have heard lots of construction noise. This is the latest project from the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater as they return to the stage, but after years of being inside theaters, the artists are moving outside for a little while and will have something for everyone.

HARRIS FERRIS: We'll be doing two different programs straddling out those two weekends, eight total. PBT School will be performing. We have the Pittsburgh Ballet Theater Orchestra. Our invited guests include-- and I can't list them all-- but we have Attack Theater, we have the River City Brass Band, we have Shakespeare coming in from the Pittsburgh Public Theater, and we have performances from the Pittsburgh Opera.

- Talk about a loaded schedule. Performances start Tuesday. For more info, head over to KDKA.com.

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