Pittsburgh bridge collapse - live: Photos show dangling bus as at least 10 injured at Frick Park disaster

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Photos show the Pittsburgh bridge collapse (Pittsburgh Public Safety)
Photos show the Pittsburgh bridge collapse (Pittsburgh Public Safety)

A bus and several cars plummeted into a ravine as a bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed.

Pictures from the Frick Park area show the cracked, snow-covered bridge lying in the ravine, with emergency services on the scene on Friday morning.

Despite several vehicles beind thrown from the bridge as it collapsed, emergency services reported there had been no fatalities, while paramedics reported people had suffered injuries, including one firefighter who was being treated at the scene, Trib live reported.

Following the collapse, a smell of natural gas had been reported in the area. “When it collapsed it cut the line,” Peoples Gas spokesman Barry Kukovich told the Trib. “We are turning off the gas in the immediate area.”

“Gas line has been cut. Updates on injuries will be provided once PIO is on scene. Red Cross has been contacted for victim assistance,” Pittsburgh Public safety said in a tweet.

The collapse of the bridge comes hours before President Joe Biden is set to visit Pittsburgh to discuss plans to improve the country’s infrastructure.

Key Points

  • Frick Park bridge collapses on Friday morning

  • Injuries reported at the scene after vehicles plunge into ravine

  • President Biden due to visit Pittsburgh to talk about infrastructure

City bus among the vehicles on bridge at time of collapse

14:31 , Oliver O'Connell

A city bus can be seen on the collapsed portion of the bridge.

Bridge collapses in snow

14:02 , Harriet Sinclair

Read the full story of the Pittsburgh bridge collapse. Gustaf Kilander reports

Pittsburgh bridge collapses hours before Biden tour on infrastructure

Footage from the scene shows aftermath of bridge collapse

13:40 , Harriet Sinclair

Footage and pictures taken at the scene of the bridge collapse show emergency services peering into the ravine - where vehicles were thrown as the Frick Park bridge crumbled.

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