Pittsburgh Launching Program To remediate, Prevent Landslides

Pittsburgh is launching an expensive and ambitious program to remediate and prevent landslides; KDKA's Paul Martino reports.

Video Transcript

- Pittsburg is launching an expensive and ambitious program to remediate and prevent landslides from happening in the future. Paul Martino tells us the city plans on spending millions of dollars every year on landslides.

PAUL MARTINO: Unusually, heavy rainfall falls the past few years have destroyed homes, roads, hillsides, even a park. Besides spending millions to fix it, Pittsburgh is now looking for ways to prevent landslides.

Next week, Pittsburgh will begin spending about a million dollars fixing the hillside at Collie Park in Troy Hill. It was ravaged by a landslide in February of 2019, but soon, the park will be an enjoyable place for the community again.

BILL PEDUTO: With that rainfall, our hillsides give way to the bedrock below.

PAUL MARTINO: The park is one thing, but in 2018, homes were destroyed in Pittsburgh's West end. Other areas were hard hit too. It follows record rainfall, and it's going to cost millions to repair.

BILL PEDUTO: Our budget when I came into office for landslides was $1 million or less, but we're spending now, because of climate change, nearly $10 million a year.

PAUL MARTINO: But the city is taking it a step further. They've partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to identify potential slides and design ways to prevent them.

BILL PEDUTO: We can actually take proactive measures, so we don't have to just try to repair it afterwards.

PAUL MARTINO: But until that study is complete, Pittsburgh will be spending millions of a year to fix its landslide damage. I'm Paul Martino, KDKA News.