Pittsburgh Mayoralty Candidates Reveal Their Day One Top Priority If Elected

In just five days, Pittsburgh Democrats will decide whether Bill Peduto gets another four years as mayor or whether to replace him with someone else; KDKA's Jon Delano reports.

Video Transcript

- Tuesday, Pittsburgh Democrats will decide whether Bill Peduto gets another four years as mayor or whether to replace him with someone else. Here's political editor Jon Delano with more on the candidates and the issues.

JON DELANO: In interviews with all four candidates for mayor, I asked each what would be their first priority if elected.

- Day one, the first priority is to deal with police-community relations and start doing the things that help to build trust. One, we want to stop over policing in neighborhoods. We've seen the result. African Americans make up 23% of the city. 65% of the arrests of Black.

TONY MORENO: Bring those neighborhood leaders together and ask them what they need. We're going to put police officers back on the street. We're going to bring the rules back into order. We're going to have them interact with our neighborhoods, and we're going to get downtown running and clean and safe again.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: The first thing we need to do is to confront the police union.

BILL PEDUTO: Affordable housing and utilizing the 1PGH plan in order to be able to put additional hundreds of millions of dollars behind an initiative to rebuild existing abandoned and vacant property and to turn it into opportunities for homeownership.

JON DELANO: Will the candidates pledge not to raise city taxes?

TONY MORENO: I don't think that we're going to have to raise taxes.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: If it comes to basic city services being not funded, then there's a chance we might have to raise revenue.

BILL PEDUTO: We plan out a five-year budget, so I can show people how we will balance our budget over the next five years without tax increases.

- We shouldn't have to tax our residents. They've been taxed enough.

JON DELANO: As this campaign wraps up, I asked what surprised them the most.

- I've never witnessed incumbent put out so much negativity, smear tactics.

TONY MORENO: The biggest thing that I realized is the total dishonesty and lack of honor in our political process.

BILL PEDUTO: The stuff that is said on social media wouldn't even be whispered 10 years ago.

MICHAEL THOMPSON: Personally, I feel very respected by the campaign and the way my opponents have treated me.

JON DELANO: Democratic voters in the city get the last say on Tuesday. Jon Delano, KDKA News.