Pittsburgh Public School Students Return To The Classroom

For the first time in a year, students will return to the classroom in the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Video Transcript

- For the first time since last year, all students in Pittsburgh Public Schools who want to return to the classroom will be able to do so on Monday. More than 13,000 kids are expected back. About 8,000 have chosen to continue with their remote classes. The district has been dealing with a shortage of bus drivers and says it won't be able to provide a ride for about 640 students.

MEGAN PATTON: Students that fell within the seat gap that do not have a ride, they received a robocall this past week. And students that do have transportation, they would have received a mailer in the mail.

- The district says it's getting three additional buses from the Pittsburgh Transportation Group later in May. It's also reaching out to the local colleges and universities for help.