Pittsburgh Public Schools Reveals Plan For Return To In-Person Learning

The plan includes several mitigation steps the district will take to keep everyone safe, KDKA's Chris Hoffman reports.

Video Transcript

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And new details this morning on the return to the classroom for Pittsburgh public school students. Chris Hoffman joins us live this morning with a look at the mitigation efforts that the district plans on taking and where teacher vaccinations fall on that list. So tell us about this Chris.

CHRIS HOFFMAN: Good morning, David. Now, to safely reopen the schools, that's going to be a top priority. That's safety. Now, according to Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hamley, it's unrealistic to vaccinate every teacher before those doors reopen. But the district is working with UPMC to try to vaccinate teachers and set up appointments as part of phase 1B.

According to school district, vaccinations are just one layer of protection, citing the CDC guidance from earlier this month. The district says reusable and disposable masks will be available at each school for students and staff. School nurses will be supplied with masks, gloves, and gowns. And for staff that works with a student who can't wear a mask, the district plans to provide PPE to support students' safety.

Other efforts include universal mask wearing, physical distancing, handwashing, cleaning and maintaining healthy facilities, contact tracing combined with isolation and quarantine. As for the cleaning, all buildings will be disinfected daily. The district will also have a self-screening tool for staff and students to use before coming to school.

Now, if there is a positive case, a notification like a robocall will be sent out. And for anyone that was in close contact with that positive case, they will be personally notified.

Coming up in our next half hour, we're taking a look at the district's student support plan for getting children back in school. Live this morning, Chris Hoffman, KDKA News.