Pittsburgh Today Live Chat: Feb. 22, 2021

Pittsburgh Today Live's Heather Abraham and David Highfield catch up on all the latest happenings and preview what's coming up on the show.

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DAVID HIGHFIELD: All right, I don't know. Hey, everybody, it's Monday. Have you noticed? We've noticed around here.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, because it's snowing. So then you know it's Monday, anyway.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yeah, that's our rule in February in Pittsburgh. If it's snowing a little bit, it's Monday.



HEATHER ABRAHAM: So there you have it. Although, I'm looking up at the seven day. And we have chances to hit not only 50 degrees this week, but we're going to have one day where it's almost 60. So it's just--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Time to break out the shorts, right?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: As I've been saying to David, I don't know why this is my slogan lately, "buckle up, buttercup." I don't know why.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And then I always say, I like it when you call me buttercup. And then right as we went on the air, we were asking our floor director, Patty, today, isn't buttercup the name of a horse? Is she calling me a horse?



HEATHER ABRAHAM: I just think it's cute. It's endearing.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: No, I think it's cute. I found it endearing.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Good, I'm glad that you did.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Let's talk about your weekend. Well, you guys had a great weekend. And it was sunny yesterday. So that put me in a good mood.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: We actually went out for a walk. It was still cold.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Well, it was cold. But when you stood in the sun-- psychologically, we all need-- we're in this vitamin D deficit.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Yeah, it was nice to be outside. But we are going to start because we went to the mall. And can I just tell you, this is the difference between my two girls-- Sassy Lyla and Sunny embodying her Wonder Woman t-shirt with her fist up in the air.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, I see. OK, I wasn't sure what she was doing there.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And I don't even know if she did that on purpose, but that's just her.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: But Lyla has got her hand on her hip.



HEATHER ABRAHAM: Those are my two girls.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: They're both adorable.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And so we did a little cruising around the mall. And can I just tell you how normal that felt? And the mall has been open, you know?


HEATHER ABRAHAM: It's just there were some people out shopping. And it was just so nice. It was just so nice. We got Auntie Ann's pretzels. Like I even stopped by the beef jerky outlet-- we were at Ross Park Mall, the beef jerky outlet.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Did you check on the PTL mugs?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I saw the mugs. I posted a selfie on Instagram. It was just so much fun just to go out to the mall and walk around.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It's nice to get back to normal things again.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yeah. It's important.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Shout out to my friends at Pottery Barn. She told me that her husband watches every day. Hello.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, we love that. I miss the Pottery Barn. I used to go there.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: I mean, I was a regular when I first moved in. I was like buying everything there.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I love looking at all the things, the pretty little things. OK, and so then we, we also had date night, I told you. We were going out. It was so nice.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, look at you two.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I love espresso martinis. And I had several of them.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: You were so looking forward to your espresso martini.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I was so excited.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: But this is a great picture. This could be on the cover of a magazine.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Aw, you're so nice to say that.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: No, you guys look great.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It was so much fun. And I have to say, usually, I feel like I let Frankie get the better seat because I don't care. I really don't care.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: But I just happened to get the seat that was looking at the incline and, you know, the city.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And downtown, yeah.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And his back was kind of up against the wall. Although, there's really not a bad seat in the house.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yeah, but it does depend on where you're facing.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Like at some of the tables, one seat is a little better than the other seat, yeah.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It was so, so nice. We went to Altius. I don't know if you--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: On Mount Washington, yeah.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And I got the pork chop again. Because I would never order a pork chop. I never order the pork chop at any-- like I always get a steak or, you know, or a salad or something like that. But the pork chop there is just out of this world.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: You're making me hungry.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: I want to go back. I haven't been there in ages.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And then my last adventure, I went to the hair salon on Saturday. And I'm sitting there and all of a sudden, I see Nicole Ford. So there she is.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: So that's her with the mask on?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Yeah, in the seat.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: How did you even recognize her with her hair, you know--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, you know, she came back over and she said hi. And I was like, oh my gosh, Nicole, you're here at the same time as me. And that's Jenny, one of the stylists there. So I'm sure Nicole hates me for taking this picture and then putting it on TV. You're welcome.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: She's not going to hate you. Nicole is wonderful.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: We had our little salon day. So that was fun.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And your hair keeps getting shorter and shorter.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, that's what I told Bill when he cut my hair. This is at Sognatore. Bill does my hair. And he was like, we'll just do a little bit shorter, like a little bob. And I was like, you know we're going to keep going shorter and shorter. You know this is what's happening, right?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: That's the trend that I'm detecting, yes.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And how was your weekend?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: You know what? It flew by, first off. But I had a moment of hysterical laughter.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Which really, you know how good that feels?


DAVID HIGHFIELD: And do you ever crack yourself up?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Sometimes I do.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I mean, I-- this was totally of my own doing. And you know when I start laughing as you've seen it. And like it's over--


DAVID HIGHFIELD: It's, yeah, it's, well-- so this is what happened. Normally, I make breakfast. Gary makes a lot of the dinners. And I tend to on the weekends, I'll make a breakfast duty.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: You're on breakfast duty.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: But this breakfast, I looked at it. And it was like, this turned out so bad. Like I was trying to make an omelet. And I put cheese on the top of it. And we'll show you the picture now. The omelet turned out. I was ready to serve this.

The omelet looks like some sort of cheese pizza. And that's the way I ate it too. And then I looked at the avocado toast. And I was like, this doesn't look appetizing either. And then the bacon, I had ripped up. So like I ripped the fat out so it was--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: This looks so good. What are you talking about?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: No, I looked at it. And I was like, this is an epic fail. And I just started laughing hysterically. And then I was laughing so hard I almost felt faint. I was laughing that much. And finally Gary is like, you know, what is wrong with you? What is it? Oh, I made you breakfast.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: There's nothing funny about your breakfast. That really looked so good.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It struck me as so funny. It looked so unappetizing to me whenever I was done with it. And the omelet was this weird consistency. I don't know what I did.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Maybe it's too-- did the cheese sink and then it like crusted over?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I don't know. But I was able to eat it like pizza, which was interesting. I kind of liked it. Maybe I can replicate it. But the looks of it, I just, it made me laugh. And it was a good feeling to laugh. Now I tell you that right before I tell you that, hey, I'm going to be making a recipe.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: We can't wait to try.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Maybe you want to try at home. Now, fortunately, this is inspired by someone who can cook much better than me, a celebrity chef that we are friends with here on PTL. And so we're going to-- we're taking our recipe and we're adding to it. We were inspired by it. And we're doing something special. So this was taped in our kitchen. And I promise you this turned out better than the breakfast.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, the picture, that right there, the video looks great.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, it's so good. It's so good.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Looks so good. Hey, we want to share something with you because, you know, we've been watching-- I think the whole country has been watching what's happening in Texas.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: It's just such an unfortunate situation for so many in the state with the freeze they've had, the power outages they've had. And we know that it's been a deadly situation there. But this video is coming from Odessa, Texas. And one of the fire rescue companies there responded after a dog got stuck in a pond at a golf course.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Right, fell right through or maybe just that wasn't even frozen over, but they had to go get this dog. So this is the fire chief in Odessa that is out there.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Look at this.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And I mean, they have a line on him, but you have to think about this. Like, you know, he's putting his life on the line too to get this dog. And then they start to try to pull the two of them in here. But you're hoping the ice doesn't crack even more. But the dog--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And look at him holding to make sure just in case the ice cracked.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: Here's the thing that we both noticed in this. He doesn't have any shoes on.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And I think that's because they were tying the rope to his feet. But I don't know why they didn't then put shoes on. And maybe that's a safety thing. Maybe if something happened and you need to get that rope off, I don't know. I don't know what the thinking there was. But thank goodness people are able to go out there. Because that poor dog was just trapped.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I'll tell you what--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I mean, there was no way out.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: There are amazing people among us doing amazing things every single day, going out of their way to do things like that, unbelievable, unbelievable.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: All right, do you ever have leftovers at home because--



HEATHER ABRAHAM: Not in our house.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: We do have leftovers. In fact, we have things we have to finish up. But today, we have leftover questions from Friday that we want to use. So it's not Friday, today is Monday. But we're bringing back the Friday Free For All because we didn't get to a lot of really cool questions.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: That's because we were just talking too much.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Which is, which often happens.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Often happens, right.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: If you're a regular viewer of the show, you know that will often happen. In fact, Leona is asking, "will Jill let you talk about anything you want? Because I love it when you do that on the show sometimes." Thank you, Leona.

Just all the


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Which is, like, almost always.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Almost always, and I would say yeah.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I mean, the train goes off the tracks.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Quite regularly, but I mean, at some point, you know, we just talk and talk and talk.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: And what can she really-- what can Jill do about it, right?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: What can she do about it? You know, we can just keep talking.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: Do whatever we wanted for any length of time--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: --a long time.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: We could just keep talking and talking about--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: We could show tomatoes.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: --making pasta or anything we really want. I mean, we could take up the whole rest of the segment.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Right, could we try it one more time? Could we ask, I mean, what could she do, right?


HEATHER ABRAHAM: This isn't really working, is it? We're going to go off the rails here. But here we go.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: Failed attempt at being funny.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: We were going to try to be funny. And instead, the tomatoes popped up. And but anyhow, yeah.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Did you hear Mercury is in retrograde? Is Marie watching? We still need an explanation of what that means. All right, OK.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It means these things go wrong sometimes. But anyway, yeah. They have the power to have the bleep button at any point to cut us off. And she may start using that more often.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Now, especially. Karen is asking, "Will your PTL mugs be for sale anywhere near Greensburg because I don't go to the Pittsburgh area very often?" And we also had Elizabeth asking if the PTL mugs are available for online purchase. So we wanted to address that.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And so we got an answer to this. And in fact, I didn't know this until Jill got to the bottom of it. So, of course, they're being sold at the beef jerky outlet in the Strip and their location at Ross Park Mall as well.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: At Ross Park Mall, uh-huh.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: But they will ship the mugs. So they will take an order. And they'll also ship your coffee and jerky for that matter. But they will take an order. Contact them so if you can't travel to the Strip or Ross Park Mall, they'll send you something.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It's a really unique store. Going into the one at Ross Park Mall, I had been to the one on the Strip, but not at Ross Park Mall. And it's really, it's cute. It's really cool.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It's cool. Well, I'm glad that we have our mugs there. Because so many people have asked about it. And we've gotten questions, quite a few questions about, hey, what else? You have the mugs. What other kind of merch can you have? And Elena is asking, "Will there be PTL merch like hoodies or t-shirts available to purchase?" And I think this is a great idea. We've got to start talking to the sales department. What could we get?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I don't know. I hope they're watching. I love when you say cool things like merch.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I know because you don't expect it from me.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: No, I don't. Or what did you say last week, are you woke?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Are you work? Are you woke?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: When you say things like that I just can't even.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: A much younger producer wrote that line for me, by the way. But, yeah, we're going to start asking some questions. Because I think it'd be fun to have sweatshirts and t-shirts and aprons.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It would. Yeah.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And who knows what else?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Yes, I see bright yellow, why not? Joyce was saying, David, will you be doing the dance on Monday? Today is Monday, we have no dance.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I have not learned it yet. I'm afraid of Celina's moves.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Because her moves, . I may put my back out.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Well, OK, so here's where this is coming from. The BBC, you know, the music, people were taking a TikTok and doing--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Their news show, one of their news shows.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: So one of their news programs--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: --people are dancing to it.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And so we said Celina, you're a dancer, can you put together some moves for us? We also asked one of Mikey's friends, a choreographer, to do the same. So we have a couple of different options here.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: And we've not got a plan together yet--


DAVID HIGHFIELD: --is what the bottom line is. But Joyce, I'm working on it. And I actually over the weekend, I played Celina's video. And I tried to mimic what she was doing.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And how was it?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: She's way more in shape than I am is what I learned.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: She's studied dance most of her life.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: She also knows like, I enjoyed the tape sent by Mikey's friend because she counts. Did you notice that?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: One, two, three, four--


HEATHER ABRAHAM: --five, six, seven, eight.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It helps me because I have trouble like in a concert where they ask you to clap, I clap on the odd-- like I clap on--

HEATHER ABRAHAM: This is why, in my head, I never made the cheerleading squad. Because even with the counting, I was still like, how does everybody know this? They've only done it one time. Wait, no, all right, I'll just excuse myself, it's fine.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: That's all right.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I had the pep, I just couldn't follow the dance, that's all.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I would be horrible. Chris is asking, "Heather, David, you always have such unique segments on your show. If you're at home and have an interesting idea, do you talk to each other at home?" The answer is yes.



HEATHER ABRAHAM: Sometimes I even FaceTime David.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Well, I refused the last FaceTime.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Because I was in my bathrobe. I was a hot mess. And I literally had-- this is my life at home-- two sets of glasses on. I had my regular glasses and then I had my reading glasses over top. She's going to know that I'm truly not all there.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: David's version of the bifocals. Sometimes we even have ideas mid-show.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yes, that's true.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Like, can I tell them about the week we're going to have soon, Jill?

DAVID HIGHFIELD: What are we-- what do we do?

HEATHER ABRAHAM: The home ec week.


HEATHER ABRAHAM: There was a commercial break last week some time. And I said, [GASP]--

DAVID HIGHFIELD: It's next week.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: --we should have a home ec week.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Jill just told us it's next week.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: And so now it's going to be next week. Wait for it.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh, it's going to be fun.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: It's going to be fun.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Well, lots of like great ideas that I had never thought-- and I'm going to teach you how to iron a shirt.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Thank goodness. I cannot wait.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: I iron a shirt every night, Heather.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: I bought a steamer just so I didn't have to iron.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Well, steamers are great, but, yeah, we're going to cover all these things.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: So are commercial breaks, we're hearing.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: So are commercial breaks, Jill has reminded us. And it's time for one of those because it's time to get cooking with the rest of the today's show. And that's what I'm going to be doing in my home in today, sharing the recipe with you. It's inspired by a celebrity chef with our own special twist. Find out who inspired me and get that recipe coming up.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: Plus, a follow-up from Friday's emotional sendoff for Penguin, our PTL pup. Mikey Hood is here to share with us what happened after the show ended and went behind closed doors with Penguin and the Sabo family to see what comes next.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: So many people have talked to me about Friday's show.


DAVID HIGHFIELD: Oh my gosh. And Celina Pompeani is here with a heartwarming story of students helping out a local woman who really needed their support, what they did for her is truly inspirational.

HEATHER ABRAHAM: That and more all ahead this Monday, February 22, 2021. Thanks for being with us as we start out a new week here on PTL. We are so glad you're here on this now rainy Monday morning.

DAVID HIGHFIELD: Yeah, look at the raindrops there.