Pixlr Express review

Download.com staff

Combining a potent photo editor with a collage maker and basic camera app, Pixlr Express succeeds in being an all-in-one photo editing solution optimized for mobile users. When you take into account the hundreds of options and tweaks it features, the sleek and intuitive interface, and the overall quality of the editing process, this app stands out as a contender for the title of best photo editing app for Android.


Well designed: Pixlr Express's appeal lies not so much in one single feature, but in how it takes the most wanted mobile photo editing features, including blurring, cropping, effects, borders, fonts, and stickers and makes them available through a neat interface where every button is in the right place, and where every feature is only two or three taps away.

Fun to use: Editing images with this app turns out to be a delight, not only because of the many high-quality filters, lighting effects, or styles available but also because the buttons, menus, and sliders are intuitive and responsive.

Outstanding features: While not unique to this app, features like focal blur for drawing attention to the details that matter or color splash for enhancing only one area in an image are excellently implemented and can bring you great results when used creatively.


No default resizing option: Many users complain that Pixlr Express no longer has a straightforward image resizing option, like in the online version. You can actually resize an edited image just before saving it by either typing the desired size or using a slider to automatically reduce it by a certain percentage. But to get the resizing menu you must go to settings first and choose Custom as the default save size.

Plenty of downloading required: Almost all the effects, overlays, borders, fonts, and stickers have to be downloaded within the app before you can use them. Fortunately, the download takes no more than a few seconds on a Wi-Fi connection.

Bottom Line

Few photo editing apps can compete with Pixlr Express in terms of usefulness and overall quality. While you may find a handful of apps offering more advanced features, this app has the right mix of essential features and presents them in an irresistible interface. Whether you edit images constantly or only occasionally, you should grab this app right now, especially since it's free of ads and in-app purchases and weighs only 15MBs.

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