Pizza delivery man says he was attacked by knife in fatal showdown Saturday

Jun. 8—When a pizza deliveryman failed to find the address for his order late Saturday night, he called the would-be customer, according to Glynn County police.

The directions the 25-year-old man received over the phone took him to an abandoned mobile home off the 3200 block of Cypress Mills Road, where he told police he was attacked by a man with a knife.

Armed, the deliveryman shot the man in self-defense and called 911 at 11:23 p.m., police said.

Jeremy Hicks, 37, had succumbed to the gunshot wound by the time police arrived three minutes later, interim Glynn County Police Chief Rickey Evans said Monday.

Police found a weapon at the scene consistent with what the deliveryman described the alleged attacker of brandishing.

No charges have been filed. The deliveryman said he fired in self-defense.

Police are checking to make sure the deliveryman had the proper permit to carry a gun, Evans said.

The man he shot had a criminal record. Hicks was arrested three times for armed robbery between June 2003 and September 2004, Glynn County Court records show. He spent 15 years in prison on a robbery conviction, Evans said.

Court records show Hicks had been arrested for shoplifting four times since April 2020.

Police declined to disclose the name of the pizza deliveryman and the business where he worked but said he has no criminal record.

Police said Hicks called in the pizza order that drew the deliveryman to the area. When the deliveryman called the phone number on the order ticket for directions, Hicks gave him a different location.

"He said he was about to be robbed ... with a knife," Evans said Monday. "At that point in time, he pulled his weapon and shot Mr. Hicks. It's been learned that Mr. Hicks does have an extensive criminal history, where he just got out of prison for robbery."

Police are continuing the investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Silent Witness hotline at 912-264-1333, or 912-554-7802.