Pizza Hut Taiwan debuts chocolate-crusted pie topped with Oreos, popcorn chicken and calamari

Pizza Hut Taiwan announced a new pizza called the No. 1 Salted Chicken Pizza in Taiwan.

Pizza Huts in East Asia are known for creatively topping their pies, such as with dim sum, tonkatsu ramen, and century egg and pig’s blood. They are stepping up their pizza game once again by “using the most annoying ingredients of sin,” according to a May 10 Facebook post from the company.

This time, the company has decorated their new pizza with Taiwanese popcorn chicken, salted chicken, Oreo cookies, fried calamari, gooey cheese and scallions. Every slice on the Dark Crispy Cocoa Cheese Crust looks like a petal with an Oreo resting on a cheese-filled crust. The Oreos softened from the oven are also garnished with melted parmesan cheese.

Starting with the heavy flavors, every bite is supposed to punch with a mix of umami, creaminess and crunch. The tasting experience ends with a cozy sweetness from the chocolatey crust.

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For $399 New Taiwan dollars (approximately $13.45), customers can purchase an entire pie, available in only one size, in participating stores for a limited time.


Feature image via Twitter

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