PJ Tucker has a message for Sixers fans after receiving boos in win

The passionate fans in the city of Philadelphia have always let it be known when they are frustrated with a certain team or a certain player. There will be loud praise when they are happy and they are not afraid to boo when they feel they aren’t getting enough, they do let their frustration be known.

In Saturday’s win over the Denver Nuggets, PJ Tucker drew the ire of the fan base after receiving some boos when he re-entered the game for Georges Niang. The veteran then turned their boos into cheers by playing excellent defense on Nuggets star Nikola Jokic and he arguably had the most important bucket of the game when he snuck in and tipped in a miss to put Philadelphia up by four.

Afterward, Tucker posted to his Instagram about the boos he received.

Here’s the thing with Tucker that can be hard to grasp at times. The veteran is only averaging 3.3 points and 4.0 rebounds and he can be frustrating on the floor. Maybe the defense has taken a step back, but the veteran is proven. He has a championship on his resume. He wasn’t brought here for the regular season. He was brought here for the playoffs and that is where his impact will be felt the most in tougher matchups.

While the frustration from the fan base may be understandable at the moment, things figure to be much different for Tucker when the playoffs roll around in April and May. Saturday’s performance was a prime example of that.


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Story originally appeared on Sixers Wire