Plan To Rename LSD After Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Delayed

Mayor Lightfoot said she has concerns about the name change plan, and has heard concerns from many others that she doesn't believe have been properly addressed yet.

Video Transcript

- Normal city council meetings, a routine times boring, but not today, when Chicago Alderman met.

- Alderman Moore.


- You're out of order, sir. You're out of order, sir.

- A lot of out of orders. Mayor Lori Lightfoot tried to quiet down aldermen, who were shouting over each other, after two aldermen delayed the vote to rename Lake Shore Drive. The proposal to rename the Drive to Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable Drive was ultimately delayed. And its a chance, rather a change, the mayor opposes.

LORI LIGHTFOOT: There's a lot of folks who oppose any changing of Lake Shore Drive. It's one of the most iconic assets that the city has. When you say Lake Shore Drive, people know you're talking about Chicago. And I think that that's very important.

- Renaming Lake Shore Drive will be voted on at the next council meeting.