Plane Debris Crashes Onto Broomfield Homes After Engine Catches Fire

Plane debris fell and struck properties in Broomfield, Colorado, on February 20 after an engine of a Honolulu-bound flight from Denver caught fire.

Footage taken by resident Cory Braden shows smoke trailing from United flight 328, and debris falling and littering the ground. The plane immediately rerouted back to Denver International Airport and landed safely, local media reported

Broomfield Police urged onlookers to not move or touch the debris. Credit: Cory Braden via Storyful

Video Transcript

-- his engine. Look at them, he's like smoking.

- Uh oh.

- Uh oh is right. Look at that stuff coming down on us, though.

CORY BRADEN: Where did he go? He's gone. Ry, do you see the ring?

- What is that? Holy crap. That scared the horses out of me.

CORY BRADEN: I heard that something definitely happened to his engine. Look at that piece falling down there. Look at--

- Whoa.

CORY BRADEN: Want to go see what that debris is about.

- Whoa!

- You see that?

- Yeah.

- And then look, you can see the smoke way up high.

- Whoa!

CORY BRADEN: Can I zoom in on that?

- What is that?

CORY BRADEN: It looks like some type of ring from the--

- Oh, do you hear it again? I hope that plane's not gonna go down, you guys. Holy crap!

CORY BRADEN: Whoa, that was crazy.

- It's still coming down on us.

CORY BRADEN: Oh yeah, look at all the debris up there.

- Whoa, do you hear that? [INAUDIBLE] hitting people's house. Do you hear that?

- Yeah.

CORY BRADEN: You remember that episode of Blacklist where the plane blows up and all of a sudden parts are just falling in the park.

- I know! That's why I'm like, oh my god!

CORY BRADEN: Now that's crazy. I've never seen anything like that before. That's--

- I've not heard anything like that.

- Look at that. Oh my god. Piece of plane.

There was a piece in the tree.