Plane hits tree after losing power upon takeoff

The small aircraft lost power while taking off from the private airstrip Saturday morning, authorities said.

Video Transcript

- Some breaking news to get to out of Pearland, a small plane has veered off what's described as a neighborhood runway. It then slammed into a tree. This is all happening along Manvel Road and Fite. That's adjacent to the campus of Rogers Middle School. The ABC 13 newsroom just got off the phone with Pearland Police, and take a look at the new photos we just got into our newsroom.

You can see that small plane there on the ground. Doesn't look like the landing gear is deployed. The plane was trying to take off when it ended up losing power, and that's what caused it to veer off the runway and hit the tree. The pilot and three other people on board were not hurt at the time. This is just a small landing strip that is privately owned and operated.

ABC 13's Mycah Hatfield is heading there right now. We'll get live updates from her and visuals just as soon as we can.