Planned Parenthood Employee Admits She Tried to Facilitate Sale of Fetal Livers in Court Testimony

Mairead McArdle

A Planned Parenthood employee told a San Francisco court that she had planned to “move forward” with the sale of fetal livers at $750 each.

Tram Nguyen, a healthcare administrator at Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast, testified in March that she wanted to sell fetal livers for $750 each as well as combinations of fetal livers and fetal thymi at $1,600 each, the Daily Caller reported Monday.

Her testimony came as part of the ongoing lawsuits against pro-life investigator David Daleiden, who who went undercover several years ago to record abortion industry executives discussing and haggling over their procurement fetal body parts for researchers. Planned Parenthood sued Daleiden and his organization, the Center for Medical Progress, in 2016.

Nguyen, who said she performed administrative duties but would also assist abortionists in the operating room, forwarded an email to her supervisor regarding her Planned Parenthood affiliate’s offer to provide Daleiden’s fake fetal research company with fetal livers for $750 each and a fetal liver and a thymus for $1600 each.

“FYI, we are still trying to move forward with this,” Nguyen wrote in an email to her supervisor, Dyann Santos, according to Attorney Paul Jonna’s statement in court.

“Do you want to do this,” Santos responded.

“Yes, ma’am,” Nguyen wrote back.

“I know I wanted to move forward with it,” Nguyen told the court. “There were emails — from what I recall earlier, there were emails in between. Again, I’m not — I don’t make decisions on the agreements. So I  can’t tell you that I saw this and agreed with the compensation or agreed with the agreement that was sent.”

On Friday, a San Francisco judge ruled that the criminal trial may move forward against Daleiden, 30, and Sandra Merritt, 64, who are charged with nine felony counts, one count of conspiracy and eight counts of illegal taping.

Last month, the jury in the separate civil case against Daleiden and Merritt handed Planned Parenthood a win under federal racketeering statutes, awarding the abortion giant over $2.2 million.

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