Planned Parenthood shooter faces new federal charges


A federal grand jury in Denver has indicted to stand trial on Colorado state charges and has been residing at the state hospital in Pueblo. He has been previously charged with 179 state counts, including murder and attempted murder.

Some of the new federal charges include use of a firearm during a crime resulting in death and violating a law ensuring access to clinic entrances. Dunn announced the federal grand jury indictment Monday and said in a statement that if convicted of the counts, Dear faces a maximum penalty up to and including death. In the absence of death, Dear could face a minimum of 10 years and up to life imprisonment.

The 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office said in a statement Monday that the federal case was separate from its case, and that Dear's competency would next be evaluated in January as scheduled, according to CBS Colorado Springs affiliate KKTV.

"As one of the many responding agencies, the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office has worked closely with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Colorado since November 27, 2015," said 4th Judicial District Attorney Dan May. "The indictment, which is fully supported by our office, is a culmination of those joint efforts, and we hope shall serve as notice that the victims in this case will never be forgotten. We want to thank the U.S. Attorney's Office for their diligent work."

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