Planning Commission to revisit Mableton Parkway subdivision

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Jun. 6—Cobb's zoning board will revisit a proposed Mableton Parkway subdivision Tuesday, which planning commissioners agreed last month wasn't ready for prime time.

Developer St. Bourke and builder Kerley Family Homes, the partners behind the 38-unit townhome project near Clay Harmony Leland Elementary School, are expected to present a slightly modified plan from the one that was shot down in May.

The Mableton Improvement Coalition (MIC) and others, at that meeting, knocked what they saw as an array of issues with the developer's proposal. Chief among those, said MIC's Robin Meyer, was the planned use of private — rather than county-owned — streets.

That provision is a frequent sticking point for the county. Planning commissioners have said in the past they tend to discourage private streets, as HOA's can fail to raise enough cash for their upkeep. The county then ends up with the responsibility of maintaining roads which aren't built up to public standards.

"Private street maintenance — the cost of paving and repairs — is a financial burden for a community for so few homes as this one," Meyer said.

That issue, at least, appears to have been addressed by St. Bourke, which says in its latest filing the streets will now be public.

The bigger issue than the design itself, Meyer and others argued, was that St. Bourke wasn't engaging with residents before rolling out its latest proposal.

"We've been speaking with the applicant for six or seven months, and sadly, each time we come to a hearing, we see an image on the screen that we've never seen before," Meyer added.

Meyer couldn't be reached for comment Monday, so it remains to be seen if that'll be an issue when the board convenes.

Also on the docket is a west Cobb subdivision off Dallas Highway, just east of Midway Road. There, Marietta homebuilder David Gernatt has proposed to put in 10 new houses on a previously undeveloped 5.7 acre lot.

The project's stipulations letter indicates the homes would range from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet each, along with attached two-car garages, with lot sizes in the roughly half-acre range.

If approved, the subdivision would be built directly across from the Parkside Meadows subdivision. In their review, county staff signed off on the project and recommended approval.

The Cobb Planning Commission meeting begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday at 100 Cherokee Street in Marietta.