Plans underway for Downtown Deli

Jan. 9—A new eatery is in the works in downtown Washington. Work is beginning on the new Downtown Deli that will be located on Main Street next to Sherwin-Williams. The restaurant is a joint project of downtown developers Dusty Davis and Ryan Dashner along with Sean Terry.

"We just want to continue to pour into downtown. We see so much opportunity down there to serve Washington and nearby communities, and we are going to be putting in a unique space. We will make use of the exposed brick and unique architecture," said Terry. "We want to utilize that to create an awesome spot to eat."

Washington has multiple places to eat in the downtown area. But Terry says the partners are looking to create something unique.

"It will be sandwiches, soups, salads. We have been canvassing the community, asking what they want to see on the menu," said Terry. "We will not have a salad bar, but we will make about any kind of salad people would want and some sweets as well. We do see a need for this to provide other options to eat and build into downtown a revitalizing and regrowing the area. We want to create a great space with good food and a really good experience."

The Downtown Deli will also be offering some dietary options that are not always available on local menus.

"We are looking to use a very clean type of food, as far as the meats and cheeses and stuff like that. We want to use ingredients without a lot of preservatives," said Terry. "We'll offer some vegetarian options and also working on gluten free options. That is something we do not see a lot of in our current restaurants here."

Terry points out the restaurant now has a Facebook page and the business is looking to make technology part of its operations.

"We now have a Facebook page," he said. "As we get our new menu together, we will be posting it there. Eventually people will be able to order on an app and come in and take it out or order ahead and go to the deli and eat there."

The Downtown Deli is scheduled to open April 5, with a lunchtime operation.

"We are shooting for a mid-morning to mid-afternoon operation," said Terry. "Then as we get up and running, we will consider adding an evening shift as well. In the beginning, we will be concentrating on lunch."