‘That’s plastic. Oh. My. God!’ See a gator suddenly appear next to a Florida fisherman

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A group outing took a scary, but not totally unexpected, turn in Florida the other day.

On widely shared video first posted by TikTok user @capecoral.jade last week and on Instagram over the weekend, an alligator makes a surprise cameo.

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The social media users’ clip, shot in the Everglades, starts out nice and slow. A man is quietly fishing with a small piece of bait off the edge of a storm drain.

In the murky water you can see a small fish darting about as rain falls.

The caption merely says, “Wait for it.” Then again: “Wait for it.”

Just as the video is about to close, over to the man’s left, you can clearly make out the shape of a large alligator in the water, coming out of nowhere. The reptile is motionless, but appears to be giving the human a side-eye.

“That’s plastic,” a woman screams, then curses. “Holy s----! Oh. My. God!”

“I’m like shaking,” says another woman.

The caption on the video that has more than two million likes: “Florida Everglades never fails to amuse and terrify,” with a wide eyed emoji. “#bornandraisedinthesouth.”

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