Plastic Putin on tiny tank turns up in London park

STORY: Parents and children alike reacted with surprise to the apparition of the bright red Putin sitting astride a tiny tank, a little barrel sticking out from between his knees.

Colomina told Reuters he was showing the epoxy resin sculpture in various cities around the world to highlight the war in Ukraine, and what he says is Putin’s childish but dangerous behaviour. He declined to be interviewed on camera, saying he does not want to distract attention from his art.

Some parents greeted the statue with enthusiasm. Beatrice Dina said of Putin: "He’s a big boy playing dangerous games."

Colomina travelled to London from his native city of Toulouse. He has previously installed the statue in Paris, Barcelona and New York. His statue went on show, without the permission of city authorities, on the same day that British street artist Banksy unveiled a work in the Ukrainian town of Borodyanka.