They play Fortnite and Roblox together online. 6.6 million watched them meet in Biloxi.


Meeting your internet friends in person is always a special moment, especially when it’s a surprise.

That was the case for two young gamers whose parents connected them and filmed the adorable interaction. For those on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, the setting will look familiar.

In the viral TikTok posted by user @misunderstood8614, the kids meet in the parking lot of the Big Play Entertainment Center in Biloxi. The TikTok user’s profile says she’s mom to Brayden, the “coolest son in the world.” The video doesn’t say where the boys live.

According to the video, the pair have only seen each other through FaceTime while playing Fortnite and Roblox together.

The meetup has been viewed 6.6 million times on TikTok and was shared on Twitter by ESPN SportsCenter.

A subsequent video posted by the account show the two kids hanging out at Big Play and having a meal at Shaggy’s restaurant.