Player Prop Week 10 - Michael Thomas

FFL Flash Alert - Will Michael Thomas receive over 69.5 yards against San Francisco?

Video Transcript

- Man, I'm going Michael Thomas-- over 69 and 1/2 receiving yards. And I can't talk about anything that he's done to date. Because he's been either banged up or suspended.

But let me tell you what folks have done against San Francisco. My man, DK, a couple of weeks ago, went 12 for 161 in two tubs. Davante Adams went 10 for 173, and the tub in that revenge game. Because you remember what San Francisco did to Green Bay on their way to the Super Bowl last year.

Well, think back to what George Kittle in San Francisco did to New Orleans in the Super Bowl last year. You can't tell me Drew Brees and Mike Thomas ain't going to try to get that revenge. And so I expect my man, Mike to go off this week.