Player Prop Week 11 - Lamar Jackson

FFL Flash Alert - Will Lamar Jackson attempt over 9.5 rushes against the Titans in this competitive matchup?

Video Transcript

- Give me the over on Lamar Jackson, rush attempts. The line is set at 9.5 You look back at his last four games, he's averaging over 12 rush attempts per game. Basically the story of the season is that, if it's a competitive game at all, Lamar is going to run the ball at least 10 times. Double digit carries in each of the last three games. Match-up this week with Tennessee. Doesn't get much better than that. They allow 4.5 yards per carry. I think this is going to be a back and forth game. I think it is still going to be competitive in the second half. Which again, always means that Lamar is running the ball. So give me the over on that one.