Player Prop Week 15 - Alvin Kamara

Andy Behrens offers up his favorite player prop for Week 15.

Video Transcript

ANDY BEHRENS: I'm going to take a somewhat more-aggressive number, and I'm going to take Alvin Kamara at 109 and 1/2 total yards. OK, I know it's a lot. I know it's a lot. That's not like 49 and 1/2 or whatever it was for Fournette or at 68 for Cam Akers. It's a lot. But if we look back to what Alvin Kamara was doing with Drew Brees earlier in the season before the Taysom Hill experiment started, he was averaging 126 scrimmage yards per week. He was on pace at one point to set the single-season running-back reception record. He was absolutely money in the bank, and he was clearing this total more often than not. He cleared it six times in nine games. I think he does it again here with Drew Brees back in a shootout against the Chiefs. Give me the over on this number all day.